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FlowAccount is an easy to use cloud accounting solution designed specifically for Thai small businesses.

     FlowAccount is a Thai Tech Startup, founded in 2015. We are the innovators of FlowAccount online accounting software and FlowAccount Payroll online payroll software through the cloud SaaS (Software as a Service). Our software is for small business owners and for those who are starting their own business to have the tools needed for an easy to use do-it-yourself accounting and payroll for employees.
     We understand very well that business owners who start a business by themselves or with a small team often encounter problems when doing accounting and payroll. Especially for new business owners this could be a complex job which takes a lot of work. Therefore this is the starting point for us to develop accounting systems so that business owners can have the tools to manage their accounting. These tools are to help save time with functions such as opening documents, record expenses, and manage stock. As well as features to see company’s income and expenses to help increase your ability to compete and keep up with business current situation.
     We place an utmost importance on data security. We choose cloud database service from Amazon Web Services that meets the international security standards. Our software can be used through both websites and mobile applications; thus enabling you to work anywhere with your employees on the same database.
     FlowAccount has over 120,000 active users and is regarded as the leading online accounting solution for small businesses in Thailand. Furthermore, we have gained confidence from leading international investors which include Sequoia Capital India, a world class Venture Capital investor from U.S., Money Forward, a Tokyo SaaS/fintech startup accounting software, SBI Investment, Japan's leading fund, Golden Gate Ventures Singapore and domestic venture capital Beacon VC (Kasikorn Bank’s Venture Capital), and 500TukTuks.
     We also extend payroll to cover the management of employees to be more efficient and save time. Therefore we have developed an innovative payroll program, which has the function to make monthly and daily payroll. There are dashboards to show expenses related to salary and can connect with FlowAccount for a fuller accounting scope. This software is also highly secure by Kasikorn Bank's K-Cash Connect Plus system which currently has more than 10,000 users.
     Our FlowAccount team hopes that FlowAccounting accounting software and FlowAccount Payroll will be a part in driving all business owners to have the tools to manage their business conveniently, quickly, timely and efficiently to allow Thai SMEs to run business with technology and succeed.
Thai Tech-Startup growing with AWS the global cloud provider
Thai Tech-Startup growing with AWS the global cloud provider
Thai Tech-Startup growing with AWS the global cloud provider
We are a cloud accounting software, backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a global cloud infrastructure provider. This enables FlowAccount to develop products that allow entrepreneurs and accountants to work efficiently, both on websites and mobile applications.
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AIS Start Up
AIS StartUp Winner 2015
Bangkok Post
Top 10 Tech StartUps
Asia Summit 2015 Top 10
Rising Star
FlowAccount OCPB
Verified by the Office of the Consumer Protection Board
Software Park
Start Up Voucher 2016
Innovation Coupon
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Bronze Prize DVA 2017
2017 Frost and Sullivan Thailand Companies to Action Award
2017 Frost & Sullivan Thailand Companies to Action Award
2017 techcrunch
1st IVS 2019 Winter Bangkok
1st IVS 2019 Winter Bangkok
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